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Le Pigalle, Paris

Le Pigalle is a neon light in the Parisian night. With neither a monument nor a meeting point, it lacked a spot that really reflected its tawdry values, brazen spirit and musical energy. This is an authentic neighbourhood hotel, whose history has been shaped by the cultural mix that swirls on the southern slopes of Montmartre.

The team is local to the region and will take you to meet some of the places, people and stories that bring Pigalle alive and make Paris so vibrant. The croissants are provided by the nearby bakery, the books selected by the local bookstore and the music chosen by a neighbourhood DJ - an avid album collector who happened to be born in Pigalle.


Le Pigalle



  • Located along the edge of Montmartre
  • Just 15 minutes from iconic tourist attractions
  • 45 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport
  • 10 minutes from Gare du Nord TGV / Eurostar (north)


  • 39 bedrooms
  • 1 suite

All showcased with a strong Parisian identity. They are simple and comfortable, and full of local inspiration. Each room has a personality of its own with a collection of objects, souvenirs, music, & books.

Food and drink

  • The menu at Le Pigalle offers simple and handpicked seasonal dishes, which have a distinctly local, natural and genuine flavour. The seasonal selections have been hand crafted along with retailers and growers from the community who are as eclectic as the hotel.
  • The list of natural wines & bar refreshments follows the same philosophy as the food menu, with emphasis on simplicity, seasonality and quality for their ingredients.


  • Within short walking distance to the heart of the city, Le Pigalle is the perfect location for all your Paris needs; whether your niche is art, fashion, food or historical sites.

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